Klein Kaiser
(Active from March, 1999 to June, 2000)

橘 舞己
Boo-chang Keyboard & Voice
加藤 友啓

村井 研次郎
Bass support member

Around March/April of 1999, a few months after Da'vid/shito:aL's disbandment, Misa started his work in Klein Kaiser, along with Tachibana Mai who had already collaborated with Misa in his solo demotape as sound advisor.
The band started as a duo, Misa and Mai (plus drummer Katou and bassist Murai Kenjirou as support members). A couple months later, when they released their second demo tape, "neo classical I", two new members had joined: Katou became an official member and a new bass player named SACO. The group stayed this way for another couple of months, and finally the last member joined sometime before the release of the third maxi-single, they keyboardist Boo.
Also, around the time of Klein Kaiser's formation, the label TEMPLE music entertainment was established, in which Misa would work later with BABYLON.

Klein Kaiser was a unique kind of visual kei band, mixing elements of metal, neo classical and Misa's special way of composing and singing.
The music in Klein Kaiser seems to be more deep and melancholic than in any other band Misa was in, they described it as "Beautiful technical sound, old and good melody... now... revives".
Mai's songs are aswell pretty good, they do a nice complementation with Misa's.
Klein Kaiser performed in a lot of live events, which many of them were called "Kakuu no hitobito", organized by Misa.
Two months before breaking up they got to perform a oneman live.
All in all, the band enjoyed small success due to Misa and Mai being remarkable names in the indies visual kei scene, and of course the quality and originality of the music. But since they weren't in a more known label, they hadn't many promotion on magazines (except in the visual kei indies bands magazine Imaginative, which featured a few Klein Kaiser covers and Misa had his own corner on it), and they didn't really had time to show all of their potential, but people who give the band their deserved attention will always enjoy their CDs.




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