Date of birth March 26th
Blood type A
Zodiac sign Aries
Height 172 cm
Eye sight 0.7
Shoe size 25.5
Tabaco Marlboro Lights Menthol
Hobby Bass fishing and wristwatch collection
Home Chiba prefecture
Likes ...
Special skill 7 children

Saco's first known band was Buriki, he then joined Klein Kaiser sometime between August and November of 1999, before the demotape "neo classical I" release. After Klein Kaiser, Saco, Tachibana Mai and Seiji, drummer of his old band Buriki, formed eden gate. After eden gate, Saco joined the band SEX-ANDROID as support member in November of 2001, where Seiji was doing drums also as support. In 2002 SEX-ANDROID released a song called "Natsu ga kirai na chanson ningyou" in the omnibus CD "Tokyo UNDER MAP", where Saco is credited as bass player. Also during the time Saco was in the band they released a video, presumably Saco is in it. After that, Saco joined the bands Spider, Pechika (session), RodeoDraiv (support), and finally DRUG HAZE where he is now, although it seems to be inactive.

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