(Active from May, 2001 to August, 2002)

sarino Vocal
Shoulder Keyboard, Guitar, Programming, Chorus

蓮-REN- Bass support member
Kazu Bass

Two months after Misa participed in the "LOOP OF LIFE" omnibus CD of the Loop Ash label with his Kakuu no hitobito project, he and Michiru, owner of the label, decided to start a band around April of 2001.
One month later, in May, the band was ready: Aioria.
Both Hiroki and sarino were members in Michiru Project before Aioria, and Misa also did some live support bass for them occasionally.
Kazu left quickly after the releases of the first two demo tapes, and Ren came along to play bass as support member (the same Ren who was formerly known as Eruze on Da'vid/shito:aL) he did not only live support but also on studio recording. Later Kazutake came to play bass as support member and became an official member toward the end.
Aioria was Misa's first time on playing the guitar in a band. He also did back up vocals, all the programming and he played the keytar on lives too. Sometimes he also played bass at lives, due to lack of an official bassist.
Aioria was getting fairly popular in 2002 amongst the indies scene, it had certainly an unique sound compared to all the other indies bands out there, even their album got sold out fast and they had to release a 2nd press a month after the release. But in August of that year, Aioria decided to disband.
Surprisingly, Aioria performed as session together again after 6 years at Kazutake's birthday event in October 24th, 2008. All the members were there (Sarino, Misa, Michiru and Kazutake) sans Hiroki, so the support drummer was Yuji (ex-baroque). Aioria had one more revival, in March 5th, 2010; commemorating Loop Ash's 10th Anniversary and Michiru's birthday date. This time the support drummer was S (from Mix Speaker's,Inc.), and Misa was listed in the line-up using his real last name, Takayama, instead of his stage name.
Surprising everybody again, Aioria appeared featured as one of the bands to contribute a song on a new V.A. album called "NEO VOLTAGE", released in May, 2010. Aioria contributed with a new version of their classic "Kousai no chinden", now going back to the original demo tape title instead of the shortened "Kousai" from the album. Misa was now credited with his nickname and not his real name anymore as he is on the Aioria official website. Despite this spontaneous release, Aioria did not continue any further activity, however Sarino, with his solo project "Annie's Black", performed some Aioria songs on the tour to promote the V.A. release, he even appeared credited as "Annie's Black feat. Aioria". Sarino even released his own version of "Hana Kotoba" (called "Hanna Kotoba-2010-") on the "LOOP OF LIFE X" omnibus on June 30th.
In 2011, ex-Aioria members Michiru and Misa collaborated with Sarino writting songs for Annie's Black.




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