Da'vid/shito:aL to iu mono
Translated by Alex Highsmith
This is the fairy tale of Da'vid/shito:aL.
"We're always with you"
It's a special present from fairyland...

As winter comes, the snow begins to fall. Many things change to white, and new tales begin. But it is also marks the end of a tale.

David/shito:aL to iu mono
[[the thing called Da'vid/shito:aL]]

Ding dong.. ding dong.. The sound of the church's bell rides on the december wind, bringing with it a single tale to this snow-covered town. In the canvas of this town, repainted a silver white, what do colors do you see? Let's take a peek. (try it! try it!)

A room. There, the flames of the hearth were crisping and crackling like the clapping of hands. Above the fireplace sat three dolls, enticed as Pietoro, sitting in his wheelchair, was reading a story aloud.

Because of a sickness from birth, Pietoro's body was weak and he could not play outside. The three dolls were his only friends. And so Pietoro would always read them books he loved. The dolls loved his stories and always looked forward to them.

As the night weared on, the snow stopped, and the night sky spilled over with stars. As Pietoro finished reading his book, he would look up at the stars and, as always, whisper the same wish. "Please make my body stronger, so that I could run around outside freely!"

On that very night, Pietoro collapsed from a dreadfully high fever the likes of which he had never before had. His body grew weaker and weaker, and he could no longer read stories to the three dolls. Looking at Pietoro, deep asleep, the dolls worried and worried unbearably. Then they remembred something. If they could open the door in Pietoro's slumbering heart that led to fairyland, they could see what was happening there. (Let's help Pietoro!!)

But! To open the door to the fairyland world is very dangerous, and once you enter there is no guarantee that you can safely return. And if they were captured by the dreadful black shadow that was said to lurk in the fairyland world, Pietoro and the dolls would never be able to return to the normal world.

Despite the danger, in order to help Pietoro's soul that was lost there, the three dolls opened the forbidden door and leaped into fairyland!

As soon as they entered, the dolls saw the dreadful, horrible black shadow of sickness overflowing from inside Pietoro's body. The three dolls concealed themselves so they wouldn't be seen by the shadow. As the shadow saw the door had been opened, he escaped from Pietoro's body. "I'm going to terrorize the outside world for a bit! But I'll be back soon!", leaving Pietoro those words, he flew away cackling.

As soon as the sickness, which had become the shadow, went away, Pietoro's fever lowered and he once again became able to cheerfully walk and talk. (Yay! Yay!)

Seeing this, the dolls drew close to Pietoro and introduced themselves in turn.

"You know of me, don't you? I'm Misa. A pleasure."

"I'm Eruze. Thank you for always reading to me."

"Hellooo! I'm Rietto! Is your body feeling ok Pietoro?"

Turning to the revived Pietoro who they had been able to meet, the dolls all said out in unison: "Let's play together!"

With the shadow gone, fairyland was like a place where dreams come true. Pietoro was feeling very well, and the dolls too could now play and talk freely. Everyone was very happy, and they each picked up an instrument and began to play songs and dance about. Since this was the first time everyone had been so happy, they all forgot about the passing of time, even forgetting that they needed to escape before the shadow got back. And so this wonderful time that everyone wanted to last forever silently, yet surely passed onwards. (Wake up everyone, quickly!)

The first to come to his sense was Rietto. "Ah, that's right! If we can get out of here while the shadow is gone, we might be able to cure Pietoro's illness in the real world!"

"Let's go! Back to the real world with Pietoro!"

Yet as they hurried towards the door the four didn't see the shadow of sickness was already back. The shadow created a huge vortex to prevent them from getting away. The four put their hands together tightly, so tightly, hurrying hurrying to the real world! "We can do it! We can all escape through the door to fairyland!" (Faster! Faster!)

However, as they were one step away, the shadow of sickness appeared in the doorway and re-entered Pietoro's body. Everything was enveloped in darkness, and Pietoro and friends lost consciousness.

When the dolls opened their eyes they were in a world walled with flowers. In the end Pietoro's sickness had not been cured, and his heart was not able to escape the fairyland world. The door to the fairyland was shut firmly, forever.

Does Pietoro still hear the doll's calling voices?

And thus Pietoro lay in eternal sleep. Though it is sad, because he was able to spend his last with moments in happiness with his friends, Pietoro's sleeping face was at peace.

Pietoro's tale of David/shito:aL will no longer be told.

The seasons pass, and winter once again comes, snow begins to fall. Many things in the town turn to white, and someone must be out there starting a new tale.

The fairyland surely exists in everyone's hearts. So when you get lonely, please do not forget that Pietoro and friends are inside your heart as well. If you crack open the door to fairyland just a bit, you can always meet them.

For that is the thing called "David/shito:aL"...

Thank you everyone for reading to the end.
Thus the story of David/shito:aL is over. But please, do not be sad.
The end of a tale is but the beginning of another.
As you all begin your new stories, please remember this as something you must not forget, and keep it in your hearts for all time.
This is our final wish.

David/shito:aL dissolves, and then...

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