Da'vid/shito:aL Biography


Jun:Da'vid/shito:aL starts
Jul:First Live
Jul 22:Live at Kawasaki Club Citta
Jul 26:Live at Osaka Amu Hall
Aug 10:Live at Himeji Beta
Oct 8:Live at Ikeburo Cyber
Oct 11:Live at the NEW AGE CULTURE Vol : 1 event at Umeda Amu Hall
Oct 19:Live at Umeda GIRUDO
Oct 20: Omnibus CD "NEW AGE CULTURE ~Dai ichi gakushou~" release.
Da'vid/shito:aL participes with the song "Pietoro no fuusen"
Nov 3:Live at the Solitude xxx event at Hirakata BLOW DOWN
Nov 7:Live at Amagasaki Vivre
Nov 15:Demo tape "SANKAKU NO TSUKI" release
Nov 30:Live at Amagasaki Vivre
Dec 1:Live at Nagoya Music Farm
Dec 4:Live at Neyawaga VINTAGE BAR
Dec 11:Live at Nishikujo BRAND NEW
Dec 12:Live at Ikeburo Cyber
Dec 24:Live at Soemon-cho Cowboy World


Jan:Da'vid/shito:aL open their website
Feb 22:Live at Shinjuku Loft
Feb 25:Live at Amagasaki Live Square
Mar 15:Live at Ikeburo Cyber
Mar 16:Live at Ichikawa Club Gio
Mar 17:Live at Kumagaya Vogue
Mar 19:Live at Nagoya Music Farm
Mar 21:Live at Amagasaki Live Square
Mar 23:Live at Kyoto Music Hall
Mar 28:Demo tape "Cookie Chair" release
May 17:Live at Ebisu GUILTY
May 28:Live at the Kreis label event "Kreis/Tokyo" in Shibuya ON AIR EAST. Da'vid/shito:aL was the opening act.
The message omnibus tape "Kreis III" was available for the public
Jun 20:Da'vid/shito:aL radio appareance at FM MOOV "Making Music"
Jun 24:CD "HOSHI NO HAKO" release
Nov 11:Live at Umeda HEAT BEAT in the Kreis/Tokyo event "EDEN".
The message omnibus tape "Kreis IV" was available for the public
Da'vid/shito:aL TV special is aired on the "JEEZ" TV show
Dec 12:The band decide to stop activity


Jan 10:Da'vid/shito:aL 1998 live footage is featured, amongst many other bands, in the TV show "Jee Jee Trap" from SKY PerfecTV! 199Ch - MFTV.
Jan 11:Last item "Da'vid/shito:aL to iu mono" Book+CD release
Da'vid/shito:aL finish activity.
Feb:With a new concept, the band pleur starts.
Consisting of only Pietoro, Eruze and Kyon from Da'vid; Rietto and Misa took different ways.

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