(Active from June, 1997 to January, 1999)

Bass & Vocal
M. OHNO Drums support member
Kyon Drums support member during the last days

The same month Nageki Shito finished their activity, in June of '97, guitarist and bassist Rietto and Eruze had decided to form a new band, thinking about having twin bass and twin vocals. They remembered Misa could play bass besides doing vocals, so they called him up first. Misa was already writing more songs, so he joined immediately. Ex-Nageki Shito support drummer Masaki Oono also became the support drummer in the new band.
They still needed a vocalist, so Rietto called up his old bandmate from the band Karma, Touya (Pietoro from now on), to join in.
At first, the twin vocals didn't work out: Pietoro and Misa's tones were too similar and didn't reflect the "Kanaderu Otogi" feeling they were aiming for, this is when Pietoro decided to try and sing 1 octave higher than his actual register. It worked and finally the new band Da'vid/shito:aL (pronounced "dabide shito aeru) was started.
Pietoro, with a child-like personality and appareance, stablished the band's theme with a phrase: カナデルオトギ ("KANADERU OTOGI": something like "Musical fairy tale"). Misa, who was in charge of the composition of all the songs, took inspiration of this concept and with Rietto and Eruze's help, the group approached a unique sound.
The technique of the twin bass from Misa and Eruze is what gives more emphasis to the music in the songs. Even though both bass guitars sound with complicated lines and structures, Eruze plays the rythmic part, while Misa plays the melodic part, as if they were two guitars in any band.
And even if the guitar doesn't play a vital role like the bass, Rietto is also fundamental to create the atmosphere in Da'vid; the guitar adds a lot of sound effects that enheace the sound a lot more. Though there's also oportunities where Rietto can show his skill with haunting and catchy riffs, he certainly had a particular style that remained from the Nageki Shito days.
Misa's compositions are one of the strong points in Da'vid, but the other one which is also very strong is Pietoro, the vocalist. With his sweet voice and infantile appareance, Pietoro tells stories created by himself in his lyrics, which are for example about an evil pharaoh or toys coming alive over the night, the concept of "KANADERU OTOGI" is always alive.
While Pietoro is the main vocalist, Misa does side-vocals in most of the songs. This way an interesting effect is created between the voice of Pietoro and the prominent, low-pitched voice of Misa.
It is also important to name the mysterious fifth member of Da'vid, to whom Pietoro usually refers to as his "rival": Kuro Pie. Pietoro usually turned into Kuro Pie during Da'vid live shows, though Kuro Pie did some other cameos like in the book "Da'vid/shito:aL to iu mono", in where he is refered as the evil black shadow that causes Pietoro's illness, or in a promotional flyer.
Their visual appareance was also 100% based on "KANADERU OTOGI". Principal was colorful outfits, strange and artistic make-up and in Pietoro's case, big and puffy shoes. Colors like red, yellow, green or blue is what predomines in Da'vid's image.
Rietto, Eruze and Misa plays the role of being Pietoro's dolls, who come alive to play with him.

We could say Da'vid/shito:aL enjoyed a fairly good popularity while they were together, releasing CDs in big presses and even appearing on TV. But like all good things, it had to come to an end, and so they decide to disband in December of 1998, and with the last release on January 11 of 1999, the band dissolves. But of course, they're always with us...




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